Like fruits with a pinch of salt? You may have been killing nutrient

Fruits keep us hydrated and deter us from reaching for bad snacks. They are a good source of fibre, vitamins, and a host of other minerals. Low-calorie fruits have antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of diabetes, inflammation, heart problems, and other health conditions. Can there be a better option for snacking than some fruits? Probably not, provided you haven’t been making the common food mistakes while eating fruits. Niharikka Budhwani, a nutritionist certified as a diabetes educator and a physician of complementary medicine, highlighted the mistakes we make while eating our favourite fruit.

Posting a video on Instagram, Niharikka explained how some of the common practices like eating pre-cut fruits, sprinkling salt according to our taste, and how a few carbs must be cut down while eating fruits along with our meals may be limiting us from getting the most in terms of nutrition.

“Fruits are one of the best sources of Vitamin C. This vitamin however is heat-labile and degrades easily when exposed to air. Cutting fruits and eating them later leads to a reduction in this vitamin. Always keep in mind- Cut fruits just before eating!” read the caption posted along the video.

She added salt/ masala or sugar on fruits may be increasing the risk of overall caloric intake.

“If you can manage to control your total carb during your meal, you can try including a fruit. But since our meals (Indian meals) are rich in carbs, adding fruit with meals is also going to increase the carb and calorie content of that particular meal, “she added in the post.

Niharikka advised that if someone wanted to eat fruit with the meal, they first need to cut down on carb intake to make adjustments. “You need to cut back some carbs to accommodate the fruit you want to eat as long as it fits in your caloric allowance” her post further read.

So, if you have been eating fruits the wrong way, it’s time to make some course corrections and get the most from the nutrients in them.