Gatwick Airport passengers ‘passing out in ‘boiling terminals’ after long flight delay

Passengers have been “passing out in unbearably hot” Gatwick terminals amid claims a plane had been sitting on the tarmac ready to take off for five hours.

Some have reported travellers falling unwell after long flight delays on a day of chaos as temperatures soared yesterday.

The searing heat is the latest issue customers have had to contend with after a summer of chaos at UK airports with long queues, baggage waits and flight cancellations due to staff shortages.

Holiday makers had taken to social media pleaded with staff to turn air conditioning on throughout the airport.

Others had a pop at EasyJet for their service as the aviation industry continues to struggle following the pandemic.

One tweeted: “Dear @easyJet anyone seen the Gran Canaria cabin crew?! We’re waiting in a BOILING @Gatwick_Airport people are passing out, please hurry up. Many thanks.”

Another posted: “@Gatwick_Airport pleeeease get some aircon on at the gates, gate 52 is unbearably hot and we’re stuck here.”

A third put: “@Gatwick_Airport please can you turn the air-con on at gate 53 north terminal. Been sat here for 40 long minutes and feeling very unwell.”

The furious tweeted didn’t stop there.

One person claimed they were sitting waiting on the plane for five hours.

They said: “@Gatwick_Airport spent five hours so far on our plane on the tarmac on our way to Innsbruck. Fabulous pilot and crew really helped.”

Another person said: “Dear @Gatwick_Airport we have now been sitting on the runway for 1.5 hours. Why haven’t you updated @easyJet on an ETA to move the plane off the tarmac.

“I understand you have staff shortages but after air con-gate earlier in the terminal the passengers on this flight are furious!”

Gatwick Airport have been contacted for comment.

A spokesperson for easyJet told the Evening Standard: “EasyJet experienced some disruption to its Gatwick flying programme Saturday due to a combination of issues impacting the operation, including ground handling and airport coaching delays due to airport staff shortages which resulted in the delayed departure of some flights.

”While this is outside of our control we would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience experienced.”