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    Ing outcome. The imply time because the investigation was five (1?) months. On the 100 doctors, 53 had a previous complaint and 47 had a existing complaint.Results Doctors’ ACP-103 price experiences on the complaint Doctors’ experiences of a complaint and how it created them really feel could be categorised into five themes (table 1): (1) adverse feelings towards the complainant or those managing the complaint (48/100), (two) feeling impotent, powerless or helpless (45/100), (3) emotional distress (42/100), (four) optimistic feelings about some elements on the complaint (eg, the amount of help received through the complaint or learning from the complaint) (24/100) and (five) adverse feelings towards self (22/100). We’ve got in general restricted giving example quotes to when at least 5 or additional respondents gave answers that fitted a specific theme, we have also included quotes for themes inside the tables. (1) Damaging feelings towards the complainant or these managing the complaint (48/100). Most frequently this meant feeling that the complaint was unfair (31/100): “I felt like a criminal when referred for the GMC when the complaint was clearly vexatious…” Feeling unsupported throughout the method (23/100) was a frequent concern: “The managers usually do not care about finding out the truth or supporting their employees. They only want to prevent escalation on the complaint […]. They usually do not assistance employees at all.” Additional examples of feelings towards others were anger (7/100): “I really feel angry at [the] method and “pain” [I was] place by means of. Then [the] concern becomes practically nothing. I had to fight very tough to include my want for “revenge”, and feeling attacked (5/100): “I nonetheless obtain it very difficult that a patient’s household might be so vindictive and unpleasant.” (two) Feeling impotent, powerless or helpless (45/100): “The patient is at liberty to create unpleasant inaccurate and incredibly private accusations (I was unfairly accused of getting racist) along with the medical doctor journal.pone.0075009 has no suggests of redress.” These feelings have been frequently as a result of protracted timeframe associated using the procedure (23/100): “Nevertheless the GMC took an inordinate quantity of time for you to take care of the complaint and provided no feedback whatsoeverOpen AccessTable 1 Doctors’ experiences from the complaint: themes Principal themes 1. Adverse feelings toward the complainant or those managing the complaint 2. Feelings of impotence, powerlessness, or helplessness 3. Emotional distress four. Positive feelings 5. Damaging feelings towards self Becoming stigmatised or victimised Feelings of having failed or getting incompetent Medical doctors n/100 48 Instance quote “I felt like a criminal when referred to the GMC when the complaint was clearly vexatious, altering MRI scans in three venues is physically not possible.” “The patient is at liberty to produce unpleasant inaccurate and extremely private accusations (I was unfairly accused of becoming racist) plus the medical professional has no suggests of redress.” “It was nature12715 a stressful predicament to be in, which drastically affected my work performance plus the rest of my life.” “I had full support of colleagues, clear understanding of process, support and guidance from Defence Union throughout the process.” “Even in the event the complaint is discovered to have no foundation there’s an ongoing stigma attached to it.” “Makes you really feel worthless even after you know you have performed the ideal you can”42 rstb.2014.0252 23 22 13GMC, Basic Medical Council; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.while their internal processes have been continuing.” or as a consequence of feeling powerless towards the system (24/100): “Because the advice from Healthcare.