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    Washington, the Evergreen State is located just in the north-western proximity of America. It lies in the border of British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean. In terms of the number of residents, the 2010 U.S. Census explains that this state ranks 13th with its population reaching to over 6 million. However, despite the gleaming image of this state, it also feels some pitfalls and shares the same tragedy with other states. Its divorce cases are greatly increasing. At present, the Washington Divorce Records are in its archives.Under the authorization of the state, all public files are maintained and covered by the Center for Health Statistics under the Department of Health. It holds and keeps accounts on terminated marriages from January 1, 1968 up to present. There is a required fee if you want to get a copy; however, it is to your advantage because it already covers a 10-year search. To apply, all you need to do is supply the following: full names of the couple, date and place of divorce, your telephone number, mailing address and signature.In case you are searching for a divorce file that?s dated prior to 1968, the best venue to go to is the County Auditor where the divorce decree was issued. Another option is to seek at the State Archives Regional Branch, the one that represents the county of divorce. To order a copy, you can send through mail, take a phone call, fax or go online. Be informed that you have to wait 5 weeks to get the desired result if you chose to go through the first option.People do not hesitate to look for this kind of information these days. It is rather important because it is used to verify someone?s personal background. Having this information is not only essential, but is required especially to those previously divorced people who want to re-marry, so that they are allowed to tie the knot with another partner once more. To add, this is also helpful for people who have certain doubts on their partners since it discloses the person?s present marital status.Taking the further step in knowing your family tree or history is a thing that can be efficiently done through this information. For adopted children, going through this archive is the best solution to find your biological parents. Moreover, this data is also useful for any legal matters or serious undertakings. By virtue of the Freedom of Information Act, this document is made available to everyone and anyone who so needs it for valid reasons.Thanks to the World Wide Web, Divorce Records Search is now easy to conduct. A number of sites online grants access to a wide database that holds everything you need. Aside from that, online searches are great since it provides immediate and convenient process. You just pay a nominal fee, and you get what you want, from your subject?s official marital status, divorce history, particulars of the spouse, settlement, and the when-where-why-what-and how of the separation. If there are multiple divorces, it may also come up.